Seducing the Governess

Regency Flings: Seducing The Governess by Margo Maguire

Book Four: Regency Flings

4.5 stars — A TOP PICK from Romantic Times Magazine

A Proper Governess Should Never…

Assist a handsome stranger, alone on an unfamiliar road … unless the rake happens to be her new employer.

Take a position in a crumbling manor … especially if the household staff has been replaced by unruly former soldiers.

Allow her young charge entree to her heart … for once done, it will be impossible to maintain proper distance.

Permit her charge’s uncle a breathtaking kiss under a star-lit sky … henceforth she will most certainly lose composure whenever he is near.

And above all, she should never, ever fall completely, irreversibly in love with her employer … for nothing good can possibly come of it.

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